ACT NOW: EXCLUSIVE OFFER for Under the Shield

While Blue Lives Matter: In the Line of Duty doesn't hit bookshelves nationwide until November 14, Facebook friends and supporters of "UNDER THE SHIELD" have exclusive access to advance copies of the book. Simply click on the UTS logo above (or CLICK HERE) and enter coupon code "UTSRUSH" when checking out. Your order will ship out in 24 hours and you will have an advance copy of the book weeks before the general public.

“Blue Lives Matter pays tribute to the men and women who have died in the line of duty; acknowledging their sacrifice and honoring their memory. The “Lessons Learned” sections at the end of each chapter provide practical and helpful information that officers and departments can use to better train the law enforcement community.”

William Bratton

Chief of Police, LADP, Ret.

Police Commissioner, NYPD, Ret.

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